SOLIDWORKS Macros guide
SOLIDWORKS Macros guide

If you are SOLIDWORKS user, most likely you know about SOLIDWORKS macros. SOLIDWORKS macros are great automation tools which enable running the code utilising SOLIDWORKS API.

If you are not a developer you can still successfully use macros in your day-to-day job as there are thousands of them available in the internet.

Video below is a comprehensive beginner friendly guide to SOLIDWORKS macros. It covers the following topics:

Table Of Content

  • Macro Toolbar and Menu
  • Recording Macro
    • Macro entry point
    • Running macro
  • VBA Editor
    • Modules
    • Toolbar commands
    • References
    • Debugging macro
  • Adding VBA macro from library
  • Creating macro from scratch
  • Adding macro buttons
  • Overview of SWBasic Macro (swb)
    • Benefits and limitations compared to VBA (swp) macro
  • Overview of VSTA Macro (C# and VB.NET)
    • Overview of the Visual Studio for Application IDE
    • Creating VSTA macro from scratch
    • Debugging
    • Copying the code from internet
  • Overview of VSTA3 Macro (C# and VB.NET)
    • Differences between VSTA3 and VSTA macros

For more information and additional resources visit the SOLIDWORKS Macro web-site.