• post.title Connecting Web Page To Desktop Application

    Enabling the real-time connection between html web-page and desktop SOLIDWORKS application via cross-platform and cross-browser SignalR framework
  • post.title Creating 3D Watermark In SOLIDWORKS Model (Halloween Special)

    Example of loading the body from the external file and displaying it as 3D watermark using SOLIDWORKS API
  • post.title Handling SOLIDWORKS events

    Examples and guides on handling SOLIDWORKS events in VBA, C# and VB.NET using SOLIDWORKS API. Such notifications include, but not limited to file opening, selection, features creation, rebuild, etc.
  • post.title SOLIDWORKS Custom Properties Automation

    Detailed overview of automating custom properties using SOLIDWORKS API. Reading and writing custom properties to file, configuration and cut-list items. Handling the custom properties modification using events. Accessing the custom properties from Document Manager API, introduction to invisible custom properties
  • post.title Rendering OpenGl graphics using SOLIDWORKS API

    Introduction to rendering of custom 3D graphics directly into SOLIDWORKS model space using the OpenGL framework and SOLIDWORKS API. Examples for rendering the simple primitives using simple techniques as well as rendering the high performance geometry using VBO

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